Bye bye Katrina..

Hey kitty kattz,

😦 😦 😦 I have made a new blog using blogger. It is called vanillazap and the link is if you would like to view that one. I love wordpress but it is limited with what you can and can’t do for free whereas with blogger everything is free! My new blog will hopefully get more views and I will blog more often (yay!) So love you guyz so so so much,


Katt xxxxxxxxxxxx ;(


Summer challenge…

hey Kitty Kattz,

I thought I would set myself a challenge to do during the summer ! I decided I would post a vlog each day for the entire holiday. It is highly likely I will fail this but I decided I might as well set me the challenge! At the moment, I am getting ready for nandos..YAY! Nandos is my favorite restaurant in the world! 😛


My sisters BFF TJ, is here and is having her first trip to nandos with us! woo! Remember to check out my youtube acc and my instagram (@india_katt_psc8).  Will blog my weekly selfie  tonight! 😉 Love you lots,


Katt xx


New scheme!

Hey Kitty Kattz,
I would like to tell you how I am going to do things from now. Firstly, I am not going to say I will blog daily because I know I will not be able to but I assure you I have 3 videos I need to put up on my youtube account at the moment so I am not just forgetting about doing that.

I am losing views…….. If when I look at my stats and I am disappointed I will stop this blog and create a completely different one. I am so upset I will have to do that but that is the only way I will be able to get the views by using a unique name.

I would love to share two photos with you that I took at the weekend which I love.



Lots of love,

Katt xxxxxx

Not getting the views I need!

Hey Kitty Kattz,

Firstly, don’t be suprised if next time you visit my blog you are reading ‘Vanilla Drops’ instead of ‘Katrina.’ . This is simply because I feel I need a new blog name. I may even of made on up in the next hour! 😀 I would love some feedback on my blog as blogging is hard to do when you are neither getting the views or encouragement you need. 


I would also like to ask again for video ideas. If you would like to visit my YouTube channel, click  !! I had loads of fun this weekend and a blog with some pics will be coming up sooooooooon! 🙂 LOve you lots,


Katt xxx

Super busy weekend !

Hey Kitty Kattz,
I just thought I would let you know I might not be able to blog this weekend. I am terribly busy and have some sleep to catch up with.

Tomorrow, I have my school summer fair which Daysii and I are going to help with tye dying t-shirts. We will also get to see our teacher gunged which will be hilarious!

Afterwards, I am going to Daysii’s sisters camping party so I can hang out with Daysii and Jazzy da unicorn. I am probs gonna have an extra late night! 😉

Unbelievably, I have a shooting (just clay plates) party…. Which starts at 8:45 AM !!! That is earlier than school time :/ . I am going to be soooo tired! I will be filming a blog over the weekend though. So have that to look forward to!
Love you lots,

Katt xxxxxx 🙂

How to… Personalise your bedroom

Hey Kitty Kattz,
I am going to write a blog on how to personalise your room. I will include tips, info and good accessories.

• Paint your room your fave colour and if aloud, stick posters of your favourite celebs or animals.
• Use a bed cover that matches your room colours and isn’t so bright it is ott.
• Put a blanket at the end of your bed to add some colour if your cover is white black or a plain cover.
• If you love Teddy bears, put some at the end of your bed or in the corners of your room.
• sort out your desk/cabinet neatly to show you are organised but quirky at the same time by making sure your too represents you! 🙂
• Add dream catchers, calendars and pictures of you and your friends

What is your perfect colour?

If are girly and love to be the popular one, are in a select group of besties – Pink
If you consider yourself the cool one but can be annoying at times- Purple
Always able to cheer your friends up and love to giggle- Blue
Loyal and kind, considered the nicest friend out of everyone else- Green
Likes to be different and centre if attention- Orange
Wants to blend in the background but ends up shining bright- Black
Likes the simple things in life and is always willing to make new friends- White


I hope this has helped! 🙂 Please like and commentttt any video ideas. Love you lots,

Katt xxxx
P.S : I have filmed a what’s on my iPod touch video and it will be up tomoz. xx 😀